Running the DC Cherry Blossoms, CorePower Yoga, & An RD Cooking Class!

Hello and happy Friday! After a beautiful week of summer-like weather in DC, today is rainy and gray. I tried to go to the pool this morning to swim laps only to arrive and find it was closed due to thunder. Major bummer! Should’ve slept in, after all. Ohhh well.

It’s been a busy week – filled with a bunch of new AnneTheRD clients (both in person and virtual), some blog freelance work and writing, and of course some fun, too. Here are some of the fun highlights. 🙂

Running the Cherry Blossoms!

Yes, the cherry blossoms are officially out and looking gorgeous! My friends Karen, Kathleen, and I ran down to see them yesterday morning – we didn’t want to miss out on seeing them and going on a weekday morning was a good bet for avoiding the crowds!

Running down there ended up being an awesome idea – a good workout combined with some sightseeing! We started in Arlington and headed down through Iwo Jima and over Memorial Bridge, where we saw the crew teams were all out rowing. Pretty!

From there, it was straight to the Tidal Basin for the main event!

They were stunning. I’m so glad I made it out to see them this year, especially since they weren’t out yet during the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler last weekend! We stopped our watches and strolled all the way around the Tidal Basin, enjoying the views and taking a lot of photos.

I felt so lucky to get the chance to see the blossoms without a thousand other people around. You better believe next year I’ll be doing another early morning run down there when they are blooming! Best idea ever.

After getting our fill of the blossoms, we said farewell to Jefferson…

And ran down Hains Point, back over Memorial Bridge, and then along the Mt. Vernon Trail by the water. It was hot out but so pretty!

Not including our mile walk around the Tidal Basin, we covered 7 miles in just over an hour, for an average pace of 9 minute miles. Pretty awesome mileage for a weekday morning run!

CorePower Yoga in Georgetown

Another highlight this week was checking out a new yoga studio – CorePower Yoga in Georgetown! They offer one full week of free classes to new clients, so Gena and I decided to check it out on Tuesday for a lunchtime power class.

The studio was gorgeous – spacious and bright. Great locker rooms with nice showers, toiletries, etc., too. I wish it were more conveniently located near a metro because I’d love to go more often!

We both really liked the class, too. A hard, fast flow in a heated room. Felt good to stretch out my tired running legs! I’m excited to go at least once more before my free week runs out. They are located in the Foundry Building!

After yoga, Gena and I walked over to Sweetgreen for a quick lunch, enjoying the beautiful weather.

I got my favorite – the Santorini salad with mixed greens, roasted shrimp, feta cheese, chickpeas, and some bread on the side.

Plus an Honest Tea. 🙂

My beautiful date:

RD Cooking Class with Chobani

The last highlight in this beast of a post is the fun cooking class that I was invited to on Tuesday night courtesy of Chobani! They hosted the class for a bunch of the Registered Dietitians (RDs) in the DC area, so it was fun to see friends and network with some new ones, too.

My partner in crime was miss Sarah. We had fun. 🙂

Her face in this photo cracks me up – we were pureeing a hot soup!

We also made tiramisu using plain Greek yogurt. Tasty!

Below are Kara, a super sweet RD that works for Chobani, and my friend Amaris, a fellow UNC MPH-Nutrition alumni (she graduated a few years before me but we connected in January at a UNC happy hour):

And here are Carlene (who I met for drinks before the event – we first met a couple months ago and she’s super sweet) and Rebecca (who you’ll remember I had the pleasure of interning with last fall!):

Such a fun event! It was held at CulinAerie in DC, a cool cooking school/space for cooking classes. Thanks again for having me, Chobani! I had a blast!

Whew! And now, time to end this beast of a post and get back to work! Lots of stuff to get done today, but then it’ll be time to enjoy the weekend. 🙂 Can’t wait.

Have a great one, everyone!

p.s. Check out my guest post on dailySpark yesterday about Quick and Healthy On-the-Go Snack Recipes!

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