Wedding Prep & A DC Running Adventure

Good morning, friends!

I can’t believe Saturday (our wedding!) is finally almost here! I took this week off from my grad school internships so I could finally have some time to focus on planning. I’m so grateful I was able to! I’m feeling pretty calm and organized now that I finally have time to focus.

On Monday night my mom, Matt, and I tackled the seating arrangements for the reception. It was intense, but kind of fun in a weird way. Like a really complicated game of Tetris!

I know there are some awesome websites that allow you to do seating arrangements, but my mom and I preferred to do it old school. I like being more hands on with things like this – it just makes more sense to me (and is more fun than staring at a computer screen)!

We’re doing assigned tables, but not specific assigned seats. To tell everyone at which table they’ll be seated, we’ll have a display of mini envelopes with everyone’s names on them; inside the envelopes will be their table number.

To do the table assignments, my mom wrote everyone’s names on the envelopes beforehand; when I arrived, we turned the dining room table into one massive seating arrangement. We used the table seating layout from our caterer, wrote table numbers on white pieces of paper, and arranged them all on the table in the same way they’ll be in our tent. Then one by one we added people’s envelopes onto the “tables” and moved them around as necessary. It worked out quite well! We have nearly 250 guests and will have 25 tables of about 10 people; some tables will have 8 or 9 since we don’t have quite a full 250. One more thing checked off the list.

Another thing checked off the list was getting our marriage license so when we do get married on Saturday, it will be viewed as official by the state! Matt and I went to the courthouse yesterday morning to get it and it was surprisingly easy. Basically fill out an online form, show your IDs, pay $30. Bam. Hooray!

And I also put together my bridesmaid gift bags! 🙂 All I need to do now is write a card to put in each of them.

We’re in good shape – now all that’s left is putting together the welcome bags for our guests (more on that later – they will be filled with goodness from some of my favorite healthy food brands!) and a few other last minute details. I’m mostly worried about remembering to bring everything out there!

Around 4 p.m. yesterday, I decided I needed a break from my computer and wedding planning and took myself out on a running adventure! I was thinking of waiting until the Lululemon Georgetown run club at 6:30 (I haven’t gone in AGES – unfortunately it was not convenient to get to from my last couple internships), but I was in need of a break earlier and didn’t want to wait. So out I went!

I was in the mood for an adventure and a longer-ish run. I hadn’t run solo in AGES so I just felt like heading out and seeing where the run took me! 

Hi from the Memorial Bridge! Disregard the squinty/sweaty look. Oh and yes, I’m getting my hair highlighted tomorrow before the wedding, thanks for asking. Love the fact that my MOTOACTV GPS watch can play music, btw! It was awesome for running alone.

I ended up heading downtown to say hello to Mr. Lincoln. Every time I run down here I’m reminded how cool it is to live within running distance of such awesome stuff!

And look who is FINALLY back in action after nearly 2 years of construction – the reflecting pool! Hooray!

There were a bunch of WWII vets around, some in wheelchairs, some walking, and this guy was right in front of my, by himself, just enjoying the view. It was so powerful I had to snap a picture. Made me miss my grandfather!

I continued on my running adventure and said hello to the WWII memorial and the Washington Monument…

And then headed back towards Mr. Lincoln. 🙂

What a treat to spend an afternoon out on a running adventure by myself! I can’t even remember the last time I went running in the middle of the afternoon. I ended up covering 6 miles in 59 minutes – I ran the first 4 miles and then did a little walk/running for the last bit. Great run!

Time to get back to planning and then I’m heading downtown to meet some friends for lunch. Have a great day!

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