Philadelphia for a Day + A Rainy Run

Hello and happy Christmas Eve eve! 🙂 I’m working today (I have a few AnneTheRD clients and a business meeting, plus some emails/admin stuff to get to), but then I’m looking forward to a nice break, like I’m sure many of you are, too! Anyone else still working today?

I had a fun weekend – I spent Saturday in Philadelphia! I took the train up in the morning and then back in the evening so I could spend the day with my college BFFs Turner & Kris. Kris was in town for the holidays from Paris, where she works! (Jealous)

I debated driving instead of taking the train to save money, but I decided the opportunity cost of my time was worth the train ticket price. (There’s my college economics minor coming out!) I was able to get a ton of work done on the train – total win! What did we do before WiFi? 😉

The girls and I spent most of the day walking around the city and chatting. We started with a coffee date when I got in at 10:30 and then headed to an outdoor market area to grab lunch at a place called Paesano’s.

I had the Diavlo, minus the herb cheddar spread (not a fan). It was yummy!

Next up on our leisurely girl play day agenda was pedicures at Lacquer Lounge! You know, since it was December and warm enough for flip flops. What the heck, weather? This situation also led us to an afternoon ice cream snack at The Franklin Fountain. 🙂

Totally took the photo of the ice cream in my right hand because I wanted to show off my cute new bracelet. I randomly bought it from the salon where we got pedicures – they had all sorts of cute (and not expensive) jewelry!

From there, we walked over to the waterfront, where wintery fun was happening, including a little local market with gifts and crafts, and ice skating!

We were planning on going ice skating… until we saw how melted it was from the warm weather. Everyone was essentially skating in a pool. Yikes! I had visions of falling down and then being soaked for the whole train ride home…

So instead, we wandered around the markets checking out the jewelry and knick knacks, bought some fun goodies as Christmas gifts…

And settled over by the fire pit with beers.

By the time we were done chatting, the sun had started to set. Beautiful!

We made the walk back to Turner’s and then all said our goodbyes. What a fun treat of a day with good friends. So glad we were able to make it work, ladies! <3

I was back in DC by 10 p.m. and yesterday morning I met up with my friends Kathleen and Rachel for a run. Even though marathon training for Richmond is over and we all just saw each other last weekend at Kathleen’s bachelorette, we missed running together! It was great to get back out there again with them.

It was ridiculously warm out – I was in shorts and a tank top – and also really foggy.

I didn’t get many photos because shortly after we started running along the water (on the Mt. Vernon Trail), it started absolutely POURING! It was actually kind of fun – running in the rain makes you feel like a kid again, and also extremely hardcore. 😉

We ended up covering about 6 miles together. I ran to the trail from my apartment to meet them, so I ended up covering 7 total (the watch satellites didn’t kick in until about a half mile into my run).

Our average pace was 8:45 minute miles. Great pace! Also – hi to blog reader Addleigh (sorry I’m probably butchering the spelling of your name!) who said hello along the trail – great meeting you!

And now, back to work. I hope you all have a wonderful, happy holiday! I’ll probably be taking most of this week off from blogging (as I’m sure most of you will be away from your computers, too!), but I’ll pop in later on to say hi.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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