Date Night (& ring shopping) with Matt & A Sunset Walk

Hello friends!

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday — it’s been a busy week over here and yesterday was just one of those days. You know, the type of day where you have to be at work at 7 a.m., drag yourself out of bed at 5:30, sign on to your email and discover that your PayPal account has been hacked and drained of $1,000. Sigh. PayPal is currently “investigating” it so hopefully my money will be returned soon. Such a hassle (and scary)!

Anyway! It’s getting to be serious crunch time for wedding planning now — less than 2.5 weeks to go! I’m in the process of getting our wedding ceremony programs finalized and printed, and on Tuesday after work, Matt and I had a fun date in Old Town, Alexandria to look at wedding rings for him!

I always forget how cute Old Town is — we need to come here more often!

Matt and I met at one of the jewelry stores in Old Town after work and got down to business. I totally forgot to take photos, but we found him a ring! We were debating a bunch of different styles and metals, but ended up going with a sterling silver ring that was already in his size — no modifications needed! We debated getting it in another metal but sterling silver was very reasonably priced compared to the others and we liked the way it looked. I’ll share a photo later because it’s really cool — looks like a normal silver ring from afar, but when you get close there are a couple shiny lines (on the edges and one through the middle) and some hammered metal detail on the inside, too. It’s really cool looking — unique but in a more classic way, so he’ll still like it in like 40 years. 🙂 We’re both excited about it! We left it at the jeweler because I’m getting it engraved on the inside with a little message for him… he’s engraving my wedding band too and we’ll keep the engravings a surprise until the big day!

After our ring shopping adventures, we took a little stroll around. It was a lovely fall evening — cool and crisp.

We stopped for dinner at a cute place called Fish Market on King Street, mostly because it had an adorable mini upper porch where you could sit outside! This was our view. Old Town is so quaint, I love it!

I was in a crab mood and started with the crab and vegetable soup. It was good — nice and warm for a slightly chilly evening!

And for my entrée, more crab — crab cakes! Plus sweet potato fries and asparagus.

They were delicious — I ate all the sweet potato fries but ended up taking one of the crab cakes and half the asparagus home to enjoy the next day. The cakes were HUGE! It was fun to have a little date night outing during the week — it felt like a special treat since we’re usually busy with workouts, work, etc. Plus, we crossed something else off the wedding to do list!

In completely unrelated news, I also just wanted to share these gorgeous sunset photos from a walk I did with my friend Heidi last week! I’ve been loving walking dates with friends after work lately now that the weather is so beautiful. Perfect way to catch up and get some fresh air and exercise, too.

We walked over to Key Bridge and when we got there we were treated to the most stunning sunset over the water.

I feel like my website should have started playing soothing music while you looked at those photos or something. They almost look fake they’re so pretty! There’s just something about water + sunsets, isn’t there?

I hope you’re all having a great week! What’s something fun that you did this week so far?

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