Dear Sunshine

Dear Sunshine,

I’m so glad we’re morning workout buddies again.

Love, Anne

Good morning! Can we just talk for a second about how amazing that whole clock change thing is? I’m back in Chapel Hill and met my friend Genna for our usual Tuesday a.m. track workout this morning — and it was so gloriously bright and sunshine-y when we arrived. Upgrade!! No more pitch black morning workouts!

I mean, the fact that it will be dark by 5:30 p.m. now totally sucks… but it’s all give and take here, people. Totally worth it for a.m. sunshine. 🙂

Genna and I did our usual jog the curves, sprint the straights workout with boot camp moves in between, and were out there for about 45 minutes. We’re still focusing on lots of hip/lateral leg strengthening stuff — it seems to be working!

I brought my camera out to play for our cool down lap — we had fun getting shots of each other in action 🙂


We were cracking up over this one:

Hehe. I always have fun working out with Genna. 🙂 We were pretty much talking nonstop the whole time.

In other news, I had a stroke of brilliance yesterday and while my mom and I were out running errands, we swung by Whole Foods so I could get dinner for the plane last night.

Not having to spend a billion dollars on something gross at the airport? Total win. I love the Whole Foods salad bar — I got a mix of a garlicky kale salad, beets, a chickpea/olive salad, a really good quinoa and feta cheese salad, some green beans, and buried under there is a little tofu, too. Delish. 🙂






Time to get back after it — lots to catch up on today. Off to class I go — have a great Tuesday!

Have you guys been taking advantage of the extra morning sunshine, too?

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