Back in DC: Soggy Track Workout

Good morning from a very rainy DC!

I was up early this morning for a soggy track workout. My track buddies are all hardcore and always show up in the rain, which is good motivation for me to do so, too. 🙂

This morning the coach had us do three 1200’s (3 laps around the track) at a fast clip, with a couple minute break in between each. I had a great workout, running and chatting with one of the guys in my track buddy group. We ended up doing about a 7:15 pace for our 1200’s, which was great! My watch below also includes my warm up (about 1/2 to 3/4 mile) and my cool down (about 1 mile) as well. Whew! Good thing the Garmin 225 is waterproof. 🙂

It rained steadily the whole time we were out there, so it was a good thing my outfit was waterproof, too! My friends at Brooks recently sent me some new rain/cold weather gear to test out as part of my Run Happy Blog Ambassadorship: the Seattle tight and Seattle shell jacket.

I have been wearing the jacket around to/from other workouts on rainy days, but this was the first time I wore it while actually running, and it’s great! Waterproof, windproof, but still breathable, too, which is a problem I’ve had with waterproof jackets in the past. It’s relatively lightweight but still has some structure, so you can easily wear more layers under it on really cold days or less when it’s warmer, although you probably would be too hot in it in weather over 50/55 or so degrees. For reference, it was 44 degrees this morning, I wore a tech tee underneath, and that was perfect.

The jacket did a good job keeping me dry – my arms started to get a tiny bit damp by the very end of my walk home after being out in the rain for over an hour, but I was still impressed – better than other jackets I’ve tried for sure. Another thing I really like is that the neck isn’t too tight when zipped up, and the fabric on the neck is very soft and cozy. Also, it hangs down a little in the back and keeps your butt dry.

The Seattle tights were also great – they have a wide, cozy waistband and are lined with a nice soft material. They kept me dry, too! These would be especially awesome in the snow, I think, since they are warm. The coolest thing about them is this strip of waterproofing on the thighs. I hate having cold, wet thighs when I run in rain or snow, so this was genius.

I’m working from home today with miss Zara, who was very happy to see me and Matt when we came home last night! (We had a cat sitter come in daily when we were gone, don’t worry.) She’s currently keeping a vigilant watch out the window while I work. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

I’ve got some AnneTheRD client calls on the agenda today, plus some blog work, email catch up, and a serious grocery store visit. Better get to it!

Have a great day, my friends!

Anyone else run in the rain this morning? Running in the rain always sounds terrible when I’m inside and cozy, but once I’m out I don’t mind it at all! I always wear a visor or hat to keep the rain out of my eyes, which helps. 🙂

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