Vicenza, Italy in Photos

Sadly, friends, my European vacation adventure has come to a close.

Today was my last day of playing in Italy and I fly back to Washington D.C. in the morning! I’ll spend Saturday night in D.C. with my mom, and then drive back to North Carolina on Sunday. My second semester of grad school starts Monday! Gah. Nothing like cramming in every last second of vacation, huh? 😉

Anyway! Today I spent the day walking around Vicenza, Italy, with my brother. Sadly it was cold and rainy again — although I think the umbrellas in the photos actually look kind of cool, don’t you think?

Very romantic in a way — it reminds me of a painting I got in Prague of a couple dancing at night on the Charles Bridge under an umbrella held by someone else. So cute! (It also reminds me of this famous painting of Paris!)

Look closely — those are the same two people under the yellow umbrella as in the photo before! Apparently we were following them 🙂

I love that all European towns have cute walkable town squares with bell towers and churches.

See all those criss-crossing strings? (This just made me think of Kris Kross — remember them? We used to ROCK OUT to them in middle school. …Anyway…) Those are pretty blue Christmas lights that they turn on at night. Gorgeous!

This building with all the statues on top looks kind of like the buildings in the Piazza San Marco in Venice!

After walking around for a bit, Steve and I ducked into a cute pizzeria for lunch. He had pizza, as usual:

With shredded carrots? Sure, why not.

I’ve been feeling really under the weather the past few days (bad cold, blah), so I asked for some vegetable soup. Our sweet little old man Italian waiter said they didn’t have any soup, but then said: “I see you are a bit cold (aka have a cold) — I have something better for you. I make meat ravioli for you in broth. It will be better.”

Meat ravioli in broth it was!

It was actually majorly awesome. Who knew? Thanks, sweet little old man 🙂



















I also had a salad to fulfill my quest for veggies. Yum!

After lunch, we took a walk up Monte Barico, which is a big hill overlooking the city of Vicenza.

It was quite a long walk up in this beautiful arching walkway! 


We triumphantly made it to the top, checked out the Church of St. Mary of Mount Berico (Basilica di S. Maria di Monte Berico) mysteriously shrouded in fog:

Another bell tower, obviously:

And then went to look at the view… fail. Fog as far as the eye can see. Oh, well. Maybe next time 🙂

And with that, I am off to bed. We leave early in the morning for the airport! I hope you guys enjoyed coming along on my European vacation with me and my family. In case you missed any of the posts, here they all are:

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I have one final guest post coming in the morning — be sure to check back! It’s a good one 🙂

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