Red Beans and Rice FTW

Morning, friends!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. If you missed it, check out my Tarheel 10 Miler race recap from Saturday! 🙂

Matt and I spent yesterday starting to get some packing done — I can’t believe we’ve moving in 2 weeks! So crazy. It was a cold and rainy day which was perfect for staying inside to get stuff done. For dinner last night, Matt made us some red beans and rice — one of my favorite meals!


It was delicious. After we finished, we both packed up the leftovers for our respective lunches today. Hot sauce free for me, and drowned in hot sauce for him.



I also washed up some strawberries to enjoy with it for lunch today.


I can’t believe it’s Monday already — today is my second to last day of grad school classes! Man, how time flies. I still have my summer and fall dietetic internships to do before I graduate, but I’ll be really happy to be done with studying and tests. 🙂

I knew I had a busy day ahead at school today that would involve a whole lot of sitting, so I got out the door this morning for a workout. It was cold (mid 40’s!), but super sunny. I wasn’t feeling a real run, so I did 3 miles of running/walking around my neighborhood. Perfect! It felt great to get some fresh air and movement in before starting my day. I’m debating some yoga later, too, if I can get enough work done in time… my legs are feeling stiff and craving a stretch!


Have a good one!

Did you guys start your weeks with a workout, too?

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