The Awesome Workout that Almost Wasn’t

Why is a running club so awesome? Because when it’s a billion degrees outside and you’re feeling worn out after a long day at your (unpaid) internship and an annoying commute and want to bail… you go anyway, because you know people would miss you if you didn’t.

And then, guess what happens? You have a great run. And of course, as always, you leave way happier than you arrived, and you’re so glad you went. 🙂

Please note my sweaty arm — we were all SOAKED!

We had a big group last night for the Lululemon Georgetown run club (every Tuesday night @ 6:30); Chris from Crossfit Dupont started us off with some dynamic stretching and then I led the front group for 4 hot miles on the C&O canal — getting speedier as we went and chatting most of the way, too. As always, there were a few different pace groups that naturally formed, so don’t be scared by these splits if you’ve been wanting to come out for the run — not everyone was going this pace. 🙂


  • Mile 1: 8:34
  • Mile 2: 8:31
  • Mile 3: 8:35
  • Mile 4: 8:10

Total distance: 4 miles. Total time: 33:51. Average pace: 8:27. Sweet!

After the run, we all took a few minutes to cool down in the glorious a/c in the store while chugging water, and then headed upstairs for a mini-yoga session!

Johanna of The Running Yogis joined us on the run and then led us in the 15 minute stretch yoga session afterwards. It was glorious — doing a short yoga session after running is the best thing ever — especially downward dog pose. And it’s even better that our instructor ran with us so she’d know what felt good and what didn’t after 4 miles!

So glad I went. 🙂

What workout have you almost blown off lately that ended up being awesome?

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