Super Bowl Snackage & Favorite Ads

Good morning!

I hope ya’ll aren’t too tired today after the Super Bowl last night! Matt and I were debating heading to a friend’s place to watch it but decided to be lazy and stay home instead and have our own party!

I made us a small version of my Healthy Seven Layer Dip — but I had to leave out the yogurt layer because I thought we had taco seasoning and we didn’t… and I was too lazy to make my own. It was still delicious. 🙂

For the bean dip layer, I used a black bean dip in the prepared foods section of the Whole Foods-esque co-op grocery store near us. I also used salsa instead of chopped tomatoes — again, lazy. 🙂

While I whipped up the dip, Matt made us a variation of my Corn Flake Encrusted Chicken Fingers! YUM! One of my favorite recipes. He added some chickpea flour to the corn flake mixture and it was delicious.

I enjoyed mine with ketchup…

And Matt made his into (boneless) buffalo wings by dipping them in a hot sauce/butter/garlic mixture:

He said they were delicious and even tasted fried! He also asked I give Cackalacky, his new favorite hot sauce, a shout out:

It’s made with all the usual hot sauce ingredients, but also includes sweet potatoes! AND it’s made here in Chapel Hill, which makes it even more awesome. 🙂 Matt’s pretty much a hot sauce expert so it’s saying a lot that this is his current fave.

The rest of yesterday was spent relaxing, hitting the gym, and getting some wedding stuff done! As you guys know, we already received our Save the Dates (details in this post), and I also ordered us a billion stamps and some cute return address labels last week, so we set up an assembly line to stuff the envelopes and put on the stamps/return address labels!

We did the stuffing/stamping while watching a couple episodes of Breaking Bad — made it way more fun. 😉

Two episodes later and the envelopes were all stuffed, stamped, return-addressed, and sealed! Success. We used a trick I picked up from a temp job back in college and used paper towels and a little bowl of water to seal them all instead of licking them, because neither of us wanted to lick 5 million envelopes.

Now all that remains is putting actual guest address labels on them! We have an epic spreadsheet of all the names/addresses and Matt was able to figure out how to pull all the data into Word so that we can print out labels instead of handwriting them. Win. We’ll be doing that soon. 🙂

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? I wasn’t overly impressed, but I did like this ad for Dannon Greek Yogurt and the funny Doritos ad with the kid acting as a slingshot. 🙂 I also loved the VW commercial with the dog getting himself into shape to chase after cars!

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