Reunited with the UNC Track

Good morning!

I hope your weekends have been fun! Yesterday morning, Matt, my friend Lauren, and I headed over to UNC in the morning for a little workout action! Matt and Lauren hit up the pickup soccer game (always happening on weekend mornings at the UNC fields):

And I was reunited with the UNC track! I haven’t been out here since training for my second half marathon in March (remember our adventures deciphering speed workout lingo?) — it was time to get back after it 🙂 

I wasn’t really feeling the sprinting yesterday, so instead I jogged around the track and focused on strength-related moves in between each lap. I was feeling motivated from the strength training guest post yesterday! 🙂 

I did situps, pushups, dips, lunges and squats, and even some stair running!

Workout win 🙂

Matt and I spent the rest of the day relaxing, and then headed out to go swimming at the Eno River quarry in Durham with a bunch of my grad school gang!  

It was awesome — we basically chatted and floated around in tubes for an hour… until a storm threatened to open up on us and we had to make a break for it 😉







Matt and I took advantage of the stormy night and had a pizza, sweatpants, and movie night on the couch 🙂 It was glorious.

I just started my Sunday morning with a little Bob Harper yoga DVD action — by far my favorite DVD power yoga workout that I’ve tried. It’ll get you sweating for sure! Great runner’s stretches, too.




Now Matt and I are off to a water park for the day with my friend Hilary and her hubby Brent! I am SO excited — water parks are basically my favorite thing ever. I know, I’m 10 years old. 🙂

Have a great Sunday, friends!

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