Dreary Run & Comfort Food

Good morning!

We’ve got another rainy, cold day over here on this Monday. But at least the rain stopped yesterday so I could go out for a run! It was cold — “35 but feels like 27,” according to weather.com.

I ALMOST considered running on the treadmill since I didn’t have anyone to run with me (Elle and I were supposed to do a 6 miler on Saturday, but the storms thwarted our plan) and it was so yucky out, but then I remembered how miserable I find the treadmill. Outside it was! I told myself I just had to run 5 minutes and then I could come back inside if I wanted. But of course, by the time I reached 5 minutes, I’d already been out long enough that it made sense to keep going. 🙂 What tricks do you use to convince yourself to fit in a workout even when you don’t want to?

Another reason that got me out the door was the opportunity to try out my new Under Armour shirt!

I was talking to my BFF Jenny (who works for Under Armour) about how I need more long sleeved workout shirts. I have a ton of short sleeved shirts, and a good amount of long sleeved thicker running jackets, but not many just straight up long sleeved shirts for in between weather days. She recommended this one — it’s a level 2.0 which means it’s a bit thicker than a normal workout shirt (it kept me nice and toasty the whole time), but still does the wicking and all that good stuff.

I was a HUGE fan! I have one other Under Armour long sleeved shirt that she gave me awhile ago that’s a level 1.0 and is black, so I wear it under short sleeved shirts a lot, and my favorite thing is that their shirts don’t ride up at ALL. That’s such a pet peeve of mine with workout shirts. This baby didn’t move an inch the whole run.

I ended up running 4 very hilly miles at a casual pace — it felt good once I got out there.


  • Mile 1: 9:06
  • Mile 2: 9:17
  • Mile 3: 8:38
  • Mile 4: 9:08

Total time: 36:15. Way more than I would have done on a treadmill. 🙂 I’m going to officially start training for the Tobacco Road Half Marathon next weekend. The plan is a 7 miler!

After the run, I headed out to meet my high school friend Hilary for lunch! She suggested a southern place she’d heard was good called Lucky 32.

I would come back for the cornbread alone! It was SO good — doesn’t it look like lemon bars?!

We couldn’t decide if we wanted brunch or lunch, but being at a southern comfort place and all, we felt we should stick with the southern specialties. We actually both ended up getting the red beans and rice! I also had an unpictured (subpar) salad on the side.

YUM. It was so good — I love red beans and rice and the sausage was delicious. I brought half home with me (it was huge) and Matt got the rest for dinner last night — he was pumped.

Fun lunch outing! The rest of the day was spent catching up on school work, visiting with our friends Tim and Lindsey and their adorable newborn boy Hayes (cutest little man EVER — seriously), and watching more Breaking Bad, obviously.

Back to the grind — I’m off to school! Have a great day, friends.

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