Humidity Returns

Good morning!

Man, is it humid outside this morning here in NC! I feel like I’m back in Florida or something. It’s been gray and humid all week and I just want to wear cute jeans and boots and have crisp fall weather, dangit!

The good news: the weekend is supposed to be gorgeous. 🙂

I met my friends Elle and Lauren for a run this morning — it was a rough one due to the humidity and the kick-ass Franklin Street yoga class that Elle and I went to last night! Our legs were a bit tired. 😉 We ended up running 3 hilly miles and then collectively deciding to walk the last mile. Better than nothing, right?! Not every day is a good running day — it’s all good.

So true, right?

In honor of the warm weather, I busted out a summer-y breakfast this morning post-run.

Fresh kiwi, strawberries, raw oats, and Erewhon Rice Twice cereal (love this stuff — so crunchy and light and not too sweet) — all on top of some plain nonfat Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.


I love the combo of plain yogurt and cottage cheese — so good together!

I’m off to another busy day — class and then must plow through the rest of all this crazy work we have due so I can play this weekend! Matt and I are going to Charlottesville Saturday and hiking in the Shenandoahs on Sunday. 🙂 I’m excited!

How’s the weather where you guys are? Are you battling humidity, too?

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