Washington Monument Reopen + A Track Workout

Exciting news, my friends: the Washington Monument is officially back open for business!

It went under construction after being damaged in an earthquake back in 2011 and there have been fences around it and lots of scaffolding ever since, so you weren’t able to get close to it. So fun to be able to go right up to it again!

My friend Karen and I met up for an early evening walk on the National Mall yesterday to enjoy the beautiful day and see the monument. It was perfect out – 75 and sunny! Such a fun break from the workday. 🙂

On the running front, I was up bright and early this morning as usual to meet up with my friend Sokphal for our standard Tuesday morning run date!

We decided to head over to the track at Washington & Lee High School to mix things up and do some speedwork. I used to do track workouts all the time (remember the baby blue UNC track?) – I actually kind of miss them!

When we got to the track, we ran into our mutual friend Clay! Clay is a DC area running/triathlon coach that I first met at an event last fall, just before I ran the Richmond Marathon, and we had a blast talking all things running. Sokphal was looking for a running coach so I connected the two of them and they have been working together ever since! She was even able to BQ (Boston Qualify) this spring with his training help. 🙂 So proud of her! He’s great, btw, if you’re looking for a coach in the DC area – here’s his website with his packages/rates. Fun seeing you, Clay!

Anyway, back to the workout! We ran about 1.5 ish miles to the track as a warm up, then sped things up once we got there, doing about 2 miles fast around the track, then jogged the 1.5 miles back.

The run back was along the beautiful Custis Trail – it’s so nice and green now!

GREAT run. It felt good (well, not really GOOD… gratifying, I guess – you know what I mean) to go faster. We plan to do this more often!


  • Mile 1: 8:47
  • Mile 2: 8:10
  • Mile 3: 7:21 (woot!)
  • Mile 4: 8:35
  • Mile 5: 8:45

On to the rest of the workday. Are you a fan of track workouts?

Have a good one!

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