Pita Pit & New Laptop Recommendations, Please!


Apparently it’s actually fall now. There’s a serious chill in this air this morning — quite the change from yesterday’s 90 degrees, humid, and sunny! After class yesterday, I walked from campus up to Franklin Street (the main street in Chapel Hill) with my classmate Diana for lunch!

You guys probably recognize her as my co-intern from my dietetic internship this past summer! We haven’t had much time to chat just seeing each other quickly in class so far this semester, so we thought it would be fun to have lunch to catch up 🙂

It was fun being out and about on a school day — I hardly ever come up to Franklin St. during the week since my part of campus is on the far side from it!

I decided that it was necessary to introduce Diana to Pita Pit for lunch 🙂 She’d never been there!

I usually get the hummus pita at Pita Pit, but last time I came Matt got the Chicken Caesar pita and I had serious pita jealousy. This time, Chicken Caesar it was!  


Delicious as always, and fun to catch up with Diana, too!





Our walk back to our part of campus took us through the main undergrad areas — it’s always fun to see everyone bustling around 🙂

In other news, yesterday meant my standing Thursday morning run date with Elle! We tried to run at one of our favorite trails, but when we arrived at 6:30, we found it was still too dark 🙁 Fail! We headed to campus instead and did a 4 mile loop in better lit areas 🙂 Check out this awesome graph that Elle’s phone made of our elevation and pace during the run:

Um, yeah. It ain’t called Chapel HILL for nothin’. The light gray line is the elevation and the dark gray is our pace. And this wasn’t even one of our so called “hilly” routes! As you can see, those hills were getting the best of us yesterday morning though — we were TIRED after a hard 90 minute power yoga class on Wednesday night at Franklin Street yoga! My body is looking forward to a rest day today 🙂

Biochem quiz this morning so I must finish studying. Then, I need to get the house ready because my friend Ashley from DC is coming to visit! 🙂 I’m excited to see her. Happy Friday!


p.s. I need some advice! I have a Lenovo laptop that’s about 2 years old and is sadly on its last legs. Not only is it crazy slow, but the battery pack is currently duct taped on and the laptop has also started randomly shutting itself down a few times a day, right when I’m in the middle of something. Not cool. Any recommendations for new laptops? I’m kind of considering switching to a Mac, but I’m worried about how long it’s going to take me to get set up/learn how to use it for blogging purposes (and school work stuff). Unfortunately I can’t really afford to spend a ton of time learning something new right now given how busy school is, etc. Why are Mac’s so awesome? I’ve always been a Windows girl so I’m worried that I won’t like their version of Microsoft Word, etc. I wasn’t considering a Mac at first because I’m not willing to give up Windows Live Writer for blogging, but on Facebook Katie told me that apparently it’s easy to do a partition thingy where you actually install Windows and can use that when you want?!


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