Fitness Week in Review

Hello and happy Friday! Let’s do a fitness week in review, shall we?


Holy sore! My speedy Beach to Beacon 10k race on Saturday definitely caught up to me in full force! Swimming, please. Felt wonderful to get in the water and shake out a bit! Wish I could have been doing another open water swim in San Diego with my friend Lauren (who just CRUSHED her first Ironman in Boulder over the weekend – amazing), but alas, I was at the indoor pool for this one. I didn’t get a photo, so here is a much nicer one from my San Diego trip. 🙂

Swam for about 40 minutes, super easy, alternating breast stroke, backstroke, and freestyle. Swimming always helps SO much with soreness and this did not disappoint! Active recovery FTW.


I figured it wasn’t smart to do my morning track group since my legs were still so tight, so I opted for a little yoga instead! I hit up a noon class at my local fave, Edge Yoga, and for once got there early so I was able to snag a picture. It’s on ClassPass if you’re interested in checking it out!

As always, great class. I’ve been working on getting my forearm balance skills back and have just about got it! Weirdly, once I nailed headstand I totally lost forearm balance. I guess because they are such different poses? Forearm balance requires much more of a backbend!


Back on the run! My legs were feeling ready to rock, so I met my buddy Sokphal for some early morning miles. Sweaty/sleepy selfie:

We had a great run – so fun to catch up! And these views never get old…

Great pace, too!

When we finished and were stretching out, the sun came out – glad it waited until we were done, because even with the clouds it was a really steamy morning!


Another run, this time with my track group! The coaches had us doing a 15ish minute tempo run – I did just shy of that – and then some faster 300’s, 200’s, and 100’s, building in speed as we ran. The time/distance on my watch only includes the actual workout portion, not my warm up (half mile jog), cool down (1 mile jog), or rest periods in between the workouts. I allllmost skipped this workout (we were out kind of late getting dinner/drinks with friends the night before, and I turned off my alarm, got back in bed, and then 10 minutes later changed my mind), but I’m so glad I didn’t – felt better than I thought I would.


This morning I hit up a CorePower Yoga sculpt (heated yoga + weights) class with my friend Karen via ClassPass! They just (as in Wednesday!) opened a brand new studio in Arlington (between Courthouse and Rosslyn). I was pumped to check it out!

The new studio did not disappoint – just as nice as the other ones in the area! I’m so excited they have an Arlington location now – super convenient! I’ll definitely be here often. 🙂

Have a great weekend, my friends! And stay tuned – I’ll be popping back in tomorrow with an easy lunch recipe for you to try over the weekend. 🙂

What was your favorite workout you did this week?

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