Why We’ve Switched to Gluten Free Dinners (for now)

Hey guys! I’m so glad some of you liked the look of my Paleo Pumpkin Muffin recipe from yesterday – I hope you will give it a shot and let me know how you like them!

Speaking of paleo/gluten free, some of you have noticed that we’ve been having a lot more gluten free dinners over here lately, and that I haven’t mentioned Blue Apron in awhile. I wanted to share what’s been going on.

So, a few months ago we found out that Matt has Lyme disease. He’s working with a doctor now who specializes in Lyme and works with a blended approach of traditional (antibiotics) and more holistic (supplements, herbal regimen). She suggested Matt go gluten free for awhile, too, basically because anything that can help reduce inflammation/stress on his body is going to be helpful here – we want him to be as healthy as possible so his body can fight the Lyme! She said he doesn’t need to stress out about being 100% perfect, which I appreciated from my intuitive eating standpoint – so if there’s been something super worth it that he really wants, he’ll eat it, but we’re making an effort to do gluten free at home and he’s doing it for the most part when eating out, too.

I love gluten free meals/recipes (I have nearly 140 gluten free recipes on my blog, in fact!) and make them often, so it hasn’t been a huge change in terms of our meals at home with the exception of taking a break from Blue Apron. You guys know we LOVE Blue Apron and have been doing it for years now so we were bummed, but they don’t offer a 100% gluten free plan, so we had to make the switch for now. (Cancelling entirely was not an option because clearly I can’t handle dinner without a Blue Apron-esque ingredient/recipe delivery type situation. Makes our lives a million times easier because I hate meal planning. Yes, I’m a dietitian and I hate meal planning. No shame.)

So – we have spent the past couple months trying out similar services that do offer gluten free options and Sun Basket has come out on top! It delivers to our area on Monday, which is awesome because we almost always cook at home on Mondays, it includes a lot of organic ingredients and environment-friendly packaging, and they have a TON of gluten free options every week. I also really love that all the meals are the same price (and it’s not outrageously expensive either like a couple of the others we tried) so you can mix and match as much as you like, getting some regular, some gluten free, some paleo, some vegetarian – whatever looks good to you that week. We’ve been sticking with their gluten free and paleo stuff (sometimes I have to add extra carbs like rice or crackers to the paleo ones, though, because we are still hungry after otherwise) and the meals have been creative, fresh, and healthy. Two thumbs up. This is not sponsored and we’ve paid for all the meals on our own, but here is my affiliate link for 3 free meals if you want to try them yourself: Sun Basket.

I also wrote a post comparing the services if you’re interested in reading more about how SunBasket compares with Blue Apron and also HelloFresh, which we’ve tried as well. Here’s the post: Sunbasket review and pricing vs. Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh. 

Last night we had a really good Sun Basket seared cod with roasted purple potatoes, fennel, and orange. So creative and delicious! The cod was coated in almond flour – it reminded me a lot of my Almond Crusted Tilapia!

Here’s another good one from them we had a few weeks ago – Salmon with sauteed greens and a citrus salad.

This stir fry with cauliflower “rice” I mentioned in October was also a Sun Basket meal – so good!

So, anyway – I wanted to let you guys know why you’ll be seeing exclusively gluten free dinners over here for awhile, and a lack of Blue Apron for awhile, too! If you have any advice/experience with Lyme disease, we’d love to hear it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more eats and exercise from the week. Have a nice day, guys, and thank you for reading and for your support, as always! xo

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