Rainy Run

YOU GUYS. It’s almost cold outside! It’s rainy and gray and looks like it will be for the next week, but I’ll take it over the oppressive heat and humidity. I feel like I can finally breathe again!

I was supposed to meet a friend for an early run date yesterday morning, but it was absolutely POURING so we decided to reschedule. By late morning, the rain was still coming down, but less intensely, so Matt and I decided to take turns going out for runs. I was up first!

The run started out kind of meh because I wasn’t feeling super energized, but it felt so nice to be out getting some fresh air, and I actually don’t mind running in the rain… it’s refreshing! I also love how when you’re out running in gross weather all the runners always say hi to each other and give a knowing nod like, “Yeah, we’re hardcore.” 😉 There were actually a decent amount of people out running/taking advantage of the cooler temps!

I ended up getting a really great second wind; I took some walking breaks around the 1.5 mile point and was feeling kind of over it, but around mile 2 I started to feel really good – that was a nice surprise! Part of it was that it started raining really hard and getting windy, so I started running faster, and then I surprised myself by feeling pretty good once I got moving! I even pushed myself to run up the hills which I haven’t done in a really long time. 🙂 It helped I was listening to an interesting podcast – I love NPR’s “How I Built This” podcast and listened to the episode featuring WeWork. Really interesting to hear how WeWork got started, especially since I used to work out of a similar co-working space! If you like that podcast too, what are your favorite episodes?

Anyway, I was SOAKED by the time I was done – I ended up wearing trail shoes for the run because I figured the traction would be helpful and I was glad I did – they kept my socks dry until I stepped into a huge puddle near the end of the run. (These are the Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes – affiliate link – and they were a gift from the brand c/o my ambassadorship with them.) The other key for me for running in the rain is a hat – keeps the water out of my eyes!

I was going to try to make it to 3 miles and then walk the last bit, but I was feeling good so I kept going, and by the time I got home I was at 3.6 miles and figured I might as well finish out the 4, right?! 🙂

I was really ready for a hot shower and breakfast when I got back. Riese was napping so Matt was nice enough to make us some food while I showered. He made fried eggs with cheese inside little green pepper “cups” – fun idea to hold them together, right?! He put the sliced green pepper in the skillet and then broke the eggs right into them! I turned mine into sandwiches (what you see pictured below x2, plus some bacon) – so delicious.

We are proud because we grew those cherry tomatoes ourselves! We did our little herb boxes again this year like usual (basil + dill + some catnip for Zara), but we also decided to try our hand at tomatoes – both cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes. The first round all got eaten by squirrels, so we got smart and put some netting around the plants. Hooray – it worked! Our first big harvest! 😉

I’m off to a meeting – I’ll be back tomorrow to recap the rest of the food highlights from the weekend and the end of last week!

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