An Urban Workout Adventure + AcroYoga!

We had the most beautiful weather in DC over the weekend – cool but super sunny – the type of days made for playing outside.

On Saturday morning, I met my college friends Kathleen & Sarah for a workout adventure: the 9 a.m. OutRun put on by Roam Fitness. (FYI: they are offering FREE Saturday morning OutRuns all summer – all you have to do is sign up online.) A perfect weather morning, an outdoor workout, and 2 of my best friends = awesome way to start the day. 🙂

The weekend OutRuns are 90 minutes and involve a mix of running and boot camp type moves. The location changes every week so it’s like a fun urban adventure – good way to explore different areas of the city!

This past Saturday, we met at the Eastern Market metro and ran around the Capitol area. We had a big group – there were over 20 of us!

I didn’t get many photos because I was busy sweating, but it was an AWESOME workout, as always! Lots of creative stuff – sprints, partner workouts, stairs, squats with high fives, planks… you name it. We’ll definitely be back for more of these summer OutRuns!

After our workout, the girls and I headed, very sweaty, to brunch. We snagged an outdoor table at Le Pain Quotidien, my fave. First order of business: caffeine. I love their coffee – I usually get a large whole milk latte, which comes in a cup the size of my head. #winning

As for brunch, I had an omelette with goat cheese, tomato, mushrooms, and avocado. Soooo good. I love that they give you a side salad and bread, too. We had some jam and nutella-esque spreads for the bread and I ate every last bite of what you see here. Yum!

As for the rest of Saturday, Matt and I met friends at a wine festival (where I neglected to take any photos) and then headed to an engagement party at Vinoteca (love that place) on U Street. Such a fun, busy day!

On Sunday, we slept in, took a nice long walk with some coffee, and then cleaned up the apartment a bit before having lunch.

I made us some simple tuna wraps (using Ezekiel wraps) – the tuna was mixed with dijon mustard and mashed avocado, plus some celery. On the side, we had some salads with a homemade dijon mustard-lemon juice-olive oil vinaigrette. Delish!

As for Sunday afternoon, Matt and I had quite the adventure planned: an AcroYoga workshop at Kali Yoga in Columbia Heights!

What’s AcroYoga, you ask? It’s basically partner acrobatic yoga – lots of cool balancing poses on each other! Since Matt and I were both gymnasts when we were little I knew we’d have fun with it. I was right!

The workshop was 2.5 hours but it flew by. Jonathan, the instructor, would demo a pose with someone in the class, and then we’d work on it in pairs, spotting each other as we went.

For some of the moves, I wasn’t strong enough to be the base for Matt, so Jonathan took over.

This one was cool:

Jonathan was like, wait, Anne, come over here too, I can hold both of you up! I love that we’re cracking up in this one. Such a fun workout that didn’t feel like a workout because we were having a blast. 🙂

Demo-ing a cool pose I forget the name of:

One of the coolest poses was the grand finale, which I got selected to help demo with Jonathan (eek!). He said he chose me because he knew I had good core strength – this was a TOUGH one to hold! I think it was called Star Pose.

Weeeeeee!! Don’t leg your legs drop, don’t let your legs drop, keep that core tight!

What a FUN way to spend a day. I’d totally go back for another one of these workshops in the future! They have some more fun workshops listed on their website (the inversion/handstand ones look cool) and given how long they are, I think they’re totally reasonably priced, too. (This one was $30 per person.) I loved that it was something that Matt and I could go to together, too. He’s not a yoga person but I love that he was up for trying this out!

Would you ever try (or have you already tried) AcroYoga? 🙂

Stay tuned – new recipe post coming at ya tomorrow!

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