Seriously!? Does this place exist?

Oh my gosh. I can’t even believe all the awesome things I’ve gotten to do lately! I swear this isn’t normally my life 🙂

Today, Jess and I decided to head over to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island! It’s practically in Canada and the only way to get there is by ferry. I love ferries 🙂 Especially ones with views like this!!

Ridiculous, right?! It was even sunny! Yes, it was sunny in Washington state! (In winter!!)

The ferry ride was about an hour long (of awesomeness) 🙂

It had been awhile since breakfast, so when we arrived in Friday Harbor, we headed straight for a cafe overlooking the water called The Doctor’s Office that my friend Kris recommended! It was pretty much the cutest place ever AND had all sorts of awesome healthy and vegan things. YAY!!

We both got tea and split a delicious blueberry oat bar… SO GOOD!!!

And then we headed out for our adventure of the day: biking!

We ended up doing a 12 mile loop around part of the island.

It was INTENSE!! There were so many hills we thought we might die (this ain’t no southern California beach biking!!), but we’re hardcore, so it was all good 😉 Plus, there were beautiful views to reward us for said hills!

I heart snow capped mountains 🙂

I don’t think these people want me to come live with them on their farm. Damn.

Totally spent a good 10 minutes playing with auto timer to take this pic, heh 😉

We didn’t get back to town until about 2 so we were STARVING and ready for some serious lunch! We clearly headed back to The Doctor’s Office and ordered just about the entire menu! Doctor’s orders 😉

We both started with a cup of their southwest black bean chili, which was super yummy.

And then we split this AWESOME wrap — it was vegan homemade baba ghanoush and raw veggies stuffed in an Ezekiel sprouted grain wrap (my fave!), topped with some flax oil and chili oil! OMG!!!

I need this cafe to be next door to my house. 🙂

And since clearly that wasn’t enough food, I also made a custom juice (LOVE JUICE… must get a juicer…) with ginger, apple, carrot, spinach, and celery. I wanted beet in there too but they were out! It was SO GOOD. I love the ginger/apple flavor.

You didn’t think we were done yet, did you?! Dessert was these amazing vegan/gluten free almond butter balls (although they were actually tiny squares, heh), made with almond butter, coconut butter, dates, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, agave syrup, and unsweetened coconut. To die for.

And then, just so we didn’t die of starvation on the ferry or anything, we purchased this piece of Zucchini Apple Walnut (!!!) Bread to share on the ride home. Clearly we were a little hungry after our bike ride 😉 This was also super amazing!! I want to try to recreate it at home…

What an awesome day. Fresh air, exercise, beautiful views, great food, and time spent with a best friend. What else could you ask for in life, really. 🙂

We’re now back and drinking wine, baking cookies, and making dinner while we wait for Jess’s fiancé David to get home!

I’ll be back with another awesome recipe tomorrow… Jess is making my very favorite meal she used to make when we were roommates!! 🙂 Stay tuned…

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