Just Another Day in Paradise

Seriously… can I please not go back to DC?!

I’m so obsessed with the beach!!

…But let’s start at the beginning of the day! Willow and I went out for a short run, I did an impromptu boot camp style workout in the living room with a medicine ball (I’ll be posting some new exercise moves once I’m back in DC, by the way!), and then my cousin Derek and I headed to HOLLYWOOD!

Look, I found Harry Potter! Heh.

And Mickey and Marilyn (who was scarily realistic)!


Derek gave me a driving tour of Sunset Blvd (featuring all the various bars/clubs where celebs have OD’ed, of course) and Beverly Hills, and then my dreams came true:

Yesssssss!!! Pinkberry, fuel of the stars!

After the foodgasm, Willow and I jetted off to Malibu!

I love seeing all these places I always hear about. “Oh yeah, just going to Malibu for the afternoon, no big deal…”

It was pretty much ridiculously amazing and we spent a good hour and a half playing on the beach and taking photos.

We started with some Operation Beautiful love in the sand 🙂

And then… the sun set. HOLY CRAP!!!!!


Okay I think I’m cut off from photos. 🙂 Except to show you my incredible dinner:

Mmmmmm Ahi Tuna… I love thee!

Time to get ready for the day! It’s looking gorgeous again and today’s adventure will involve hiking around the Hollywood sign area… YAY!!

What’s the most beautiful beach you’ve been to? Malibu may take the cake, rivaled by some of the beaches I visited while studying abroad in Australia during college 🙂

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