Back in the Running Game & Our New CrossFit Home!

Guys, I had the best run earlier this week.

I’ll always love running, but some days I’m definitely feeling it more than others. Recently, most of my runs have kind of sucked. I’ve felt slow, or tired, or it’s just been too snowy and icy and freezing cold to really get into it. But every once in awhile you have one of those awesome runs that makes all the other lame ones worthwhile. This was one of those runs. 🙂

On Tuesday morning, I met my friend Karen for a run. We usually meet early in the morning but she had an appointment that morning, so we decided to meet at 10:30 instead. We’re both really lucky to have flexible schedules right now!

We had a GORGEOUS day for a run. DC has been having some really weird weather lately so while my last run was in the snow, this one was about 55 degrees and sunny. Wtf, weather?

Karen and I chatted away the whole time and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine after a week of being cooped up with gloomy skies and cold temperatures. We were both feeling good so we decided to make the run longer than planned – 3 miles out, 3 miles back for 6 total.

The last mile of the run was one HUGE and steep hill. It was hard but we pushed through! I love running buddies – she pushed me to speed up on the first part of the hill, and I pushed her to keep going near the end. We both finished red-faced and triumphant! Yay, runner’s high. 🙂


  • Mile 1: 8:11 (downhill)
  • Mile 2: 8:16
  • Mile 3: 8:20
  • Mile 4: 8:13
  • Mile 5: 8:24
  • Mile 6: 8:32 (!! with the huge uphill!)

When we finished and I checked my watch, I couldn’t believe how fast we were going the whole time, especially with the hill at the end! I’ve never done that loop so fast before. Yay us! Our average overall pace was 8:19, total time was 49:57. Great run – thanks, Karen! Can’t wait for next time.

I really needed that run – I’m gearing up for spring half marathon training (more on that to come, including what races I’m doing and my training plan!) and now I’m feeling excited and ready to get back into long runs and a training routine. Bring it on!

Other stuff I’ve been up to this week is finally buckling down and studying for the RD exam:

This morning I finally went online and signed up for a specific test date to force myself to get prepared. If I have a date I can’t miss, I’ll be ready for it. There’s nothing quite like a deadline to light a fire under you… I’ll be taking the exam in mid-February. Eek!

And I’ve been working on business related stuff, too! Starting your own business is apparently complicated but I met with a lawyer last week for some advice and just got word yesterday that I now officially own fANNEtastic food LLC! I’ve also been talking to accountants about tax-related questions, working on my new nutrition counseling private practice website, and researching all the forms I need to file to be recognized in the state, etc. Whew! Exciting stuff – can’t wait to launch it all as soon as I get my RD!

Speaking of RD stuff, I had a fun lunch yesterday with Carlene, a fellow nutrition professional in the DC area. We’d been talking on Twitter for awhile now and it was great to finally meet her in person!

Carlene was super sweet and had a lot of great advice regarding private practice work, too, as she just started a practice herself not too long ago. Great meeting you, Carlene, and thanks again for the help! 🙂

We had lunch at LPQ – yum. Their lentil salad rocks.

In other fun news, Matt and I have officially found a new CrossFit home! From here on out, we’ll be working out at Crossfit Arlington!

CrossFit Arlington is inside the NOVA MMA gym; Matt and I have already been a few times and we’re really liking it. Nice people, good location, and good space, too. And of course a killer workout! 🙂

Even more awesome is that the gym has women’s kickboxing, too! If you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ll remember that I love kickboxing – such a fun workout, and punching things is always a great stress reliever. 😉 I checked out one of the classes for the first time last night with my friend Lauren, and we both loved it! We’ll definitely be back. 🙂

I’m partnering with the gym through my blog; Matt and I are getting free membership to the gym (CrossFit and kickboxing for me, just CrossFit for him) and in exchange, I’ll be sharing some of our workout adventures here on the blog, but most importantly doing some writing for their website, too! I’ll be writing some pieces for them highlighting their members that have really inspirational weight loss stories. The former journalism intern in me is really excited – I’ll be sure to share the posts on here so you can read them, too!

I’m off to get back to studying – have a great day, everyone!

How have you fit in fitness so far this week?

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