A New York Wedding & A Trip Down Memory Lane

Good morning!

I’m back to give a full report of me and Matt’s fun weekend in New York!

Our first stop, on Friday, was Poughkeepsie for Matt’s college buddy Zach’s wedding. The weather was absolutely stunning — very lucky considering the wedding was outside!

Isn’t that gorgeous?!

Both the ceremony and the reception were held at a place called The Grandview, and true to its name, the views were spectacular.

By the way, I wore my new super high (5 inch) platform shoes to the wedding! Are you guys proud of me?? 🙂

I actually packed a pair of silver 2.5 inch heels in my purse, just in case, which I changed into for dancing, and then I eventually ended up in flip flops by the end of the night for even more dancing, haha. It was funny with people we met for the first time because every time I saw them I got shorter! I’m 5’4’’, so with the shoes on I was 5’9’’ for the first time ever. It was cool 😉

It was a fun wedding — I didn’t get any pictures of the food because it got dark by the time they put everything out, but it was really good, too. A huge buffet of all sorts of stuff!

When Matt and I first found out we’d be going to a Friday wedding in New York, we decided it would be fun to stick around for the rest of the weekend to explore a bit. We flew into La Guardia (NYC), rented a car, and drove the 2 hours up to Poughkeepsie; this meant we had our own wheels to tool around in the rest of the weekend!

Our first stop on Saturday morning was Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY!

My dad grew up in Cornwall, and when my brother and I were little my family used to come visit his parents here. For awhile, when we were really little, we lived close by and were able to come over all the time. Later, we used to drive up and spent a week in the summer in Cornwall — usually over 4th of July, because they had the best small town parade, pet show, three-legged races, and fireworks over the local lake. We loved it 🙂

Here’s the lake where the fireworks used to be! We also used to go fishing in here with my grandfather 🙂

What a fun trip down memory lane. The last time we came here was when I was 12 or 13. So crazy how long it has been!

We saw duck butts!

A turtle!

And lots of geese:

Matt and I also walked around town and by my grandparent’s old house — isn’t it weird how everything from when you were little is always smaller than you remember it?

By the time we were done exploring it was time for lunch, so we hit up a family favorite — the Painter’s Tavern!

I was having a serious craving for beets and goat cheese, and this salad hit the spot. SO delicious. I wanted like 18 of them.

Matt had a Greek salad:

And then we split a fun flatbread topped with chicken, arugula, roasted garlic, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta. 

Also delicious!

Since this post is starting to get crazy long, I think I’ll stop here for now. Stay tuned for part 2 of our New York adventures 🙂

I just met my friend Lindsey for an early morning swim and now I’m off to class — have a happy Monday, friends!

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