First Stroller Run! + Eats

Hi guys! Riese and I had our first (of many!) stroller running adventures yesterday!

Wednesdays are my mommy day with Riese (my favorite day of the week!), and since yesterday was Global Running Day I figured it was perfect timing to try out our first stroller jog!

We met up with the Stroller Strong Moms/SLAM group since they were doing a special stroller run group for Global Running Day; everyone met down at Jones Point Park along the Mt. Vernon Trail in Alexandria. I started with a couple of the others but unfortunately I was too slow to keep up, which made me feel kind of bad about myself, to be honest. But, I shook it off quickly and was like whatever, I’m not out here trying to prove anything/I don’t need to go all out and totally exhaust myself trying to keep up with the others – I just want to have fun with my little love, so I will do just that! So, I kept the pace super casual and just enjoyed the gorgeous views, fresh air, and watching Riese take it all in. She watched the action for awhile and I stopped to show her some of the views, and then she fell asleep for the second half of the adventure, so I closed up the stroller to keep the sun off her and carried on! I love running by the water… so beautiful!

I was really glad the trail was mostly flat – there was one hill and man was it hard pushing the stroller up it, even just walking!

One of the big benefits of running solo was stopping whenever I felt like it for a break and/or photos. 🙂

Yikes – guess we aren’t going any farther!

Such a fun morning with my little love – I can’t wait to take her out for many more adventures in the future. Soon I’ll try just putting her into the actual stroller vs. the carseat – I think she’ll enjoy being able to better see the action!

As for food yesterday, pre-run I had a patriotic homemade (leftover from the weekend) crepe stuffed with plain Greek yogurt, berries, and almond butter:

And post-run I had an egg salad sandwich with some veggies and cherries on the side. Plus a latte because I had forgotten to have coffee in the morning in the chaos of getting out the door on time… definitely had a lack of caffeine headache! Sidenote: if you’re looking to add more veggies to your sandwiches, try adding either shredded carrots or broccoli slaw! Adds a nice crunch and doesn’t change the taste. And for more sandwich ideas, see my Mix & Match Healthy Sandwich Recipes post!

See you guys back here tomorrow – by popular demand I’ll be talking some more about our experience so far starting to feed Riese solids! Any specific questions, let me know – I’m no expert but happy to share what we’ve been doing so far.

Did you celebrate Global Running Day? Tell me about your run!

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