Weekend Adventures

Hi friends! It’s a gorgeous morning and I’m coming to you from our porch, where I’ve set up shop with my laptop. Working from home can get pretty lonely sometimes, but it certainly does have its perks, not gonna lie.

As for the weekend, one of the highlights, as usual, was OutRun, my fave running boot camp through Urban Athletic Club (<—coupon code in that post). For this weekend’s adventure, we hit the trails!

Matt came to OutRun this weekend too, which was especially fun since he basically had to work the whole rest of the weekend (he’s in grad school right now and still working full time) – womp, womp. Big bummer for him, obviously, but also selfishly for me because it was lovely out all weekend and I really wanted to go on some fun adventures with him! We’re counting the days til his grad program is done – only about a month and a half to go.

Anyway! OutRun, as usual, was a fun mix of running and boot camp exercises. We spent most of the time back in the (very hilly – oof!) trails in Georgetown – hard to believe these gorgeous wooded areas are right in the middle of the city!

We had a small but fun crew – go team! My friend Karen joined for the first time, and she loved it as well! 🙂

Matt and I were both starved by the time we got home, so he whipped us up a brunch feast. As usual, he served me about 10x the amount of food I could eat, lol. Boys! Biggest plate of eggs ever. This photo doesn’t even truly do justice just how many eggs were on my plate.

I also had an unpictured latte, obviously.

Since I have the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (<—recap from last year – which I’ll be re-reading a lot leading up to this weekend!) coming up on Saturday (so excited!!), I asked my coaches if OutRun + another short, casual run could count as my final “long” run, and they were cool with it. Yay taper! I met up with my friend Ashley on Sunday morning to do a few more miles. To mix it up, I headed out her way and we met in Vienna to do our run on the W&OD trail.

There was a bike race/fundraiser going on, which is why there are a thousand bikes and a little tent set up behind us, in case you are wondering. 🙂

The miles flew by thanks to nonstop chatter. Always love a good run with a good friend. Good for the soul! 🙂

I didn’t even realize that we were running quite quickly because we were too busy talking!

When I got home, I repurposed Saturday morning’s egg and veggie scramble leftovers into wraps for me and Matt. I used a sprouted grain wrap and tossed some avocado and hot sauce (chili garlic Cholula = the best) in them, too. Wrapped in foil because it made them easier to eat so they didn’t fall apart!

Yum, yum! Hit the spot. I had an unpictured green juice on the side, too – I snagged it at Whole Foods in Vienna to enjoy on my drive home.

I will leave you with this awesome photo of Zara’s new favorite sleeping spot. She smushes herself into the open windows pressed up to the screen. I have no idea how this is comfortable.

Lol! Too cute. (That bird thingy right behind her is part of our little herb box – more on that later this week!)

Have a nice day, friends! I’m supposed to have a fun water adventure tonight – fingers crossed the weather holds! It’s looking like it might storm later this afternoon…

What fitness or food adventures did you have this weekend?

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