Sunday: Running, Sipping & Snacking

Sunday morning began the same way Saturday did: with a run!

My college friends Kathleen, Turner, Sarah, and I all met up on the Georgetown waterfront for a fun run + brunch adventure. It was a beauuuuuuutiful day for running, although it was rather windy.

Brooks shoe love. 🙂

From Georgetown, we ran along the water and towards the National Mall.

There were a lot of tourists in town visiting the monuments/memorials because of Veterans Day weekend!

Apparently the Washington Monument’s scaffolding (which my friends and I all think actually looks cool – especially at night, since they light it up) is coming down – they are done with the repairs already. It will be nice to not have fences around the bottom of it anymore!

At one point in the run, a couple of adorable older tourists sitting on a bench cheered us on. Cutest ever – it made our run. 🙂

The way back was harder than the way out because we discovered the wind had been at our backs and we didn’t even realize it! So when we turned around – BAM. It was SO windy out there! Fingers crossed for no wind in Richmond on Saturday for the marathon!

6 miles – check! Felt good.

The girls and I planned to go to brunch after the run at Farmers Fishers Bakers, which is right on the Georgetown waterfront and has the best brunch ever, but alas, everyone else in DC had the same idea because they were too packed to fit us in. Bummer! After debating and walking around, we ended up at Serendipity 3, where none of us had been before. If you’re thinking about going to eat there – don’t. The service was subpar and so was the food. At least the company was good. 🙂

As for afternoon adventures, Turner didn’t have to hop on a train back to Philly until late evening, so we decided a girls’ winery trip was in order. Turner, Sarah, Chrissy, and I all headed out to Vintage Ridge Vineyard & Winery in Delaplane, VA – about an hour drive from northern VA/DC.

It was so beautiful out there, especially on such a sunny day.

We loved their tasting area, too – so pretty and cozy!

The girls and I had an absolute blast doing the tasting. Such a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

I ended up purchasing a bottle of their 2010 Cabernet Franc for me and Matt to enjoy sometime as a special treat. I loved all their red wine – it was hard to choose just one! I definitely want to bring him back to this winery – he’d love it. Highly recommend to all of you, too!

The girls and I finished in time for an early dinner, so our server during the tasting recommended a good place nearby to get some food before heading back to DC: Hunter’s Head Tavern in Upperville, VA.

Hunter’s Head is a traditional British pub with a healthy twist. They serve Certified Organic & Certified Humane meat from Ayrshire Farm and all sustainable produce and seafood, too.

This place was SO awesome – adorable and cozy inside and the food was great, too. I had a tasty side house salad to start:

And then I had the spiced cornish hen, which came with sweet potatoes and couscous. The couscous was pretty plain so I didn’t each much of it, but the sweet potatoes and hen were delicious. YUM! I really want to come back to this place next time I’m in the area!

What a fun day. 🙂

What did you guys get into this weekend? Are you winery fans?

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