A HIIT Workout with the Girls


The grad school gang and I are continuing to learn about all the nutrition-related hot topics on our policy course “field trip” here in D.C.! Yesterday’s sessions on Capitol Hill included an interesting discussion about whether the government should regulate food advertising to children or not. What do you guys think?

We finished up yesterday just in time to come back to my parent’s place and get in a workout before the sun set! I set Libby and Elle up in our sunroom with a P90X yoga video on my laptop:

And Steph, Jill, Lauren, and I headed out for a run!

Clearly silly photos were necessary.

Nerd alert.

We ran 30 hilly minutes and then came back to finish our workout with some shenanigans:

Plus an insanely hard HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout! We did a Blogilates workout that Elle has done before — but just one round instead of four, ha. It was HARD!

Hard workouts are so much more fun with friends. We were laughing up a storm while huffing and puffing! Elle and I made a pact to do HIIT workouts together when we get back to Chapel Hill — such a great workout, especially in areas I don’t use as much (lots of squats and lunges)!

We’re off to our final day of briefings — happy Friday, friends!

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