Eating & Biking Our Way Through Austin

Hello from the Austin airport!

I’ve had such a great weekend here with the girls. I’m really impressed with Austin — it has such a cool, funky vibe and I love all the local businesses, live music, and food carts!

Turner, Kris and I rented bikes yesterday and spent most of the afternoon riding around the city and the gorgeous trail that goes along the river! It was MUCH cooler out yesterday and today than it was Friday, thankfully.












Don’t we look sexy in our helmets? 😉

I LOVE renting bikes in new cities — such a great way to tour and get some exercise at the same time! 🙂



Yep… we bike in flip flops. Don’t judge. (Although I did wear my Road ID!)

Sooo pretty. 🙂




We also loved that they had icy cold water stops along the trail, sponsored by a local running store! Apparently they are there every day of the week. Awesome!

Other highlights from yesterday included an AMAZING veggie omelet and out of this world gingerbread blueberry pancakes at Magnolia Cafe:


A slice of the most amazing tomato basil pizza ever from Homeslice (totally bought a t-shirt from them. Love the name!):

Finding a farmer’s market and buying some amazing ginger granola from a local place called Jake’s:

An acai smoothie from Amy’s Ice Creams:

And checking out the State Capital! Lots of cool history here 🙂













Yep, it’s official… I love Austin. 🙂

My flight is boarding — stay tuned for part 3 of our Austin adventures to see what we did today!

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