A Surprise Visit to Great Harvest Charlottesville!

Hello from the road, courtesy of my phone’s mobile hotspot internet! Guess where Matt and I just stopped for lunch, completely spur of the moment?

Great Harvest Charlottesville, owned by my friend Kath and her husband Matt!

Yay! When Matt and I put our friend’s lake house address into the GPS this morning, we discovered that the drive there from D.C. took us directly through Charlottesville — at lunch time! Clearly it was fate 🙂 Matt and I both LOVE Charlottesville and I’ve been wanting to visit Kath and her Matt’s store ever since they opened in June.

I quickly took to Twitter to tell Kath that she would be having a couple special surprise visitors around lunch time today. Luckily she was able to race down to the store to meet us 🙂 Next time we’ll give you more notice, Kath, I promise!

I loved their store — I’m so proud of them for opening this place from scratch! Quite an accomplishment and it really looks awesome. So welcoming and cute!

Kath, Matt, and I had fun chatting over lunch, and I also got to chat with fellow blogger Allie, who has been working at Great Harvest this summer!

So how was the food? Delicious, of course! I love Great Harvest’s bread and Kath and her husband Matt have created some amazing sandwich offerings, too.

Matt and I shared two sandwiches — the curried tuna salad and the tofu pesto, both on a really good nutty whole grain bread called Dakota bread.

SO good! Especially the curried tuna — I need to figure out how to make that at home!

What a fun sporadic lunch rendezvous 🙂 Great seeing you, Kath, Matt, and Allie!

We’re back on the road now — lake house or bust! Have a wonderful afternoon, friends!

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