And They Loved Happily Ever After

As you know, this weekend Matt and I had the pleasure of attending my friend Meghann’s wedding at the beautiful Birdsong Barn in Titusville, Florida! I really love weddings – so much joy and happiness, and it’s wonderful to share in such a special moment with your friends.

Meghann made most of the decorations for the wedding herself with the help of friends and family, and I have to say, I was REALLY impressed. Everything was stunning – romantic but rustic, sweet but artsy. I felt like I was inside a Pinterest page and I loved it!

How cute are these chalkboard programs?

And these flowers that were set up along the aisle – gorgeous! Loved the mason jars!

Shortly after we were seated, the ceremony began! The bridesmaids (there were 4, but only Ashley and Meghann’s sister Kelly are pictured) started things off, looking fab:

Followed by this hilarious/adorable flower girl. She wasn’t so much walking down the aisle as she was wandering around looking confused – lol. 🙂 Love her sign, too!

And then, the moment we were all waiting for – our first glimpse of the bride!

Gorgeous. She was positively glowing!

Meghann and Derek’s ceremony was short and very sweet. One of the only weddings I’ve been to where they wrote their own vows! It added such a nice personal touch to it all – what they said was so, so adorable.

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.!!

After the ceremony, we all headed over to the covered reception area to begin the festivities.

I loved the clothesline set up for the table assignments! Super cute.

Meghann put her bouquet down while they were off taking photos, so I snuck a picture of it. Gorgeous, right?

During cocktail hour, we hit up the photo booth:

Hung out with Ashley and her husband Bo:

And had a chance to admire more of the decorations (and all the awesome looking desserts)!

We also got a chance to say hello to the bride. 🙂

Shortly after we were ushered to our seats to await the official introduction of the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Here they come!

The rest of the night was filled with touching speeches:

Good food (excuse the intense flash – it was dark by this point!):

Jack Daniels (a hilarious tradition in Meghann’s family in which the father of the bride ends his toast with a swig from a fresh bottle of Jack Daniels, which is then passed around the room to anyone who is willing to help him finish it off – it was gone in minutes!):

When in Rome… 🙂

All Jack Daniels photos courtesy of Ashley!

I also have to give props to Meghann’s grandmother, who took a big swig from the Jack Daniels bottle along with the rest of us. I was seriously impressed.

And, of course, there was lots and lots of dancing! Matt and I both agreed this wedding was up there among the most fun we’ve been to! The atmosphere was cozy and intimate, the DJ was AWESOME and nailed the music selections, and everyone was having a blast cutting a rug. The room looked magical, too – full of Christmas lights and lit up snowflakes.

With Ashley, the bride, and Mary! Photo via Ashley.

What a wonderful evening of celebration! Congratulations again and here’s to you, Meghann and Derek – may your lives together be filled with love and laughter, always. 🙂

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