A Weekend in Capeside

Can someone cue the Dawson’s Creek theme song, please?


And now, friends, let me introduce you to Capeside, Massachusetts. I mean… Wilmington, NC. 🙂

… “I don’t want to wait… for our liiiiiiivessssss to be ooooverrrrrrrr I want to know right now, what will it beeeeeeee? Na na na na naaaaa” …

Yep, I spent the weekend with Matt in Wilmington, NC and next door Wrightsville Beach, which is where they filmed Dawson’s Creek! Dawsons is pretty much my favorite show of all time. Don’t judge. Any other Dawson’s lovers out there? I’m Team Pacey for life.

Anyway! I may or may not have found online where they filmed some of the scenes and we took a little tour around town 😉 Matt was a good sport!

First — the pier where they filmed Dawson brooding many a time! Heh.

Next — the pier where Joey and Pacey had their first kiss!! Swoon.

We even checked out UNC Wilmington, whose buildings served as the setting for Capeside High School. Heh. Sadly no photos 😉

We had a wonderful weekend — Matt surprised me with this trip as a belated birthday gift since we weren’t together on my birthday a couple weeks ago.

We spent Saturday on the beach in Wrightsville — I LOVE the ocean and I never made it to the beach this summer due to my crazy schedule with school/work, so I was pumped 🙂

It doesn’t look like it in the photos, but the waves were HUGE! I love swimming in the ocean and the water was still warm from summer, so we braved the waves for a swim, but it was INTENSE! Let’s just say I found shells stuck to my butt later in the day from wiping out/getting dragged along the bottom at one point, heh. 

Saturday night, we went out to a fun seafood dinner and sat out along the water. It was beautiful and rather romantic 😉

Palm trees make me happy!

We spent Sunday going hiking in a nearby State Park! I love hiking and we had a blast playing with the sports setting on my camera 😉

Our last stop — lunch in downtown Wilmington, on one of these adorable little balconies!

How cute is this place?

Cool view, too 🙂

Brunch was one of my favorites — Eggs Chesapeake! A toasted english muffin topped with tomato, crab, and poached eggs. Hold the hollandaise sauce (not a fan) 🙂

Yum! What a wonderful weekend 🙂

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