Enjoying the treadmill?!

Guys, something crazy happened yesterday. Actually, two crazy things. First – the treadmill won out over running outside for the first time in literally, oh, 2 years or so.

And second, even crazier – I actually really enjoyed it. Who am I?!

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on this blog becoming photos of treadmills instead of pretty early morning sunrises, but for some reason yesterday it just worked. The thought of putting on a thousand layers of clothes and freezing my butt off just wasn’t appealing, and I didn’t have a running buddy lined up, so I decided to give our little apartment gym treadmill a go. It was so glorious wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and part of the reason the run was so nice was because I watched an episode of Gossip Girl on Netflix on my phone while I was running. I was planning to do a shorter run but I got so into the episode I decided to keep going! It was such a nice little mental break from the day to just zone out watching the show and run. I’ll have to remember to bribe myself with trashy TV next time the treadmill is necessary….

Anyway! Between a ton of new AnneTheRD clients, the running clinic I hosted over at Pacers on Monday night with the Endurance Athlete Center, and prepping for and teaching my course at GW, it’s been a VERY busy week! My corporate wellness clients are ramping up again now, too, now that it’s the new year; yesterday morning, I worked a breakfast event at an office downtown from 7:30 to 10:30. I was in their café talking to those passing through about how to build a better breakfast!

Those who were interested swung by and listened about making sure to include not only an adequate amount of calories in breakfast so you don’t crash before lunch, but also some specific types of food paired together to increase satiety. Including a combination of protein (eggs, nuts, dairy, etc.), fiber (grains or veggies), and fruit in breakfast can go a long way in keeping you full. It was fun to get out and about and do something different, and those who talked to me got a free piece of fruit for listening. 😉 Want more tips? Check out my post from a couple weeks ago on How to Eat a Better Breakfast.

In other news, I made one of my absolute favorite dinners on Tuesday night – Almond Encrusted Tilapia, inspired by the Winter Shape Up meal plan I put together for everyone (it’s featured on there). It actually ended up being almond encrusted catfish, because that’s what I had on hand from one of our WSU sponsors, Sizzlefish, and it was just as good! You know this recipe rocks when it makes Matt actually enjoy fish. 🙂 I encrusted it in ground flaxseed instead of flour to mix it up!

On the side, some roasted broccoli, just tossed in a little garlicky olive oil and some salt/pepper. Roasted broccoli is a thousand times tastier than boiled broccoli, in my opinion. Yum.

I threw some leftover black beans on the side, too, for a little extra volume and flavor. Such a good combination and a satisfying dinner!

And now, back to work! Have a wonderful day, my friends, and please continue to share your awesome check ins over on the Winter Shape Up Week 1 Meal Plan! I’m loving reading them, and each comment (up to 1 per day) is another entry into the contest to win a package of goodies from Sabra, this week’s featured sponsor!

p.s. Looking for something to make for Super Bowl Sunday? Try my Healthier 7 Layer Dip or Hummus Guacamole! For more ideas, see this post: 7 Healthy & Delicious Super Bowl Snacks.

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