18 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi friends! It’s time for another pregnancy update! I’m sharing one of these updates every other week; I’ll be 18 weeks tomorrow! Check out the previous posts first if you missed them:

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18 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby Size: A pear! I’m getting really excited to hopefully feel her move in a couple weeks… not yet!

Symptoms: Still more tired than usual, but still better than the 1st trimester… I don’t really need afternoon naps anymore unless I end up having a super active morning (or am out in the heat for quite awhile).

Currently Missing: Raw oysters, summery beers, long run dates

Sleep: Still pretty restless and waking up every couple hours. Funny story: I bought a Snoogle last week after everyone in the world raved about it, and… Matt likes it way more than I do and has officially stolen it! Lol. I found it super cumbersome/awkward, especially because I change sides approximately 800 times per night… it wasn’t easy to switch sides without basically destroying the bed and working up a sweat. I also like a flatter head pillow, and it had my head propped up more than I like and kind of hurt my neck. Maybe I’ll like it more later once I’m bigger, but for now I’m sticking with my tried and true regular pillow between the legs and smaller squishy pillow or stuffed animal (no shame) in my arms. Works for me! After discarding the snoogle on the floor one night, Matt came to bed after me, and in the morning I discovered he was using it – lol! So, at least someone is enjoying it. 😉 Any other ladies out there who didn’t love the snoogle?! Am I just weird?!

Cravings and favorite foods: Obsessed with smoothies lately now that it’s so hot out (see also: yesterday’s mix and match healthy smoothie recipes post)! Coconut water and I have also been good friends… I’ve been SO thirsty lately. I’m also in love with sandwiches as of the past couple weeks, in particular tuna sandwiches (made with mayo, dijon mustard, and artichoke hearts – mmm – also, here’s some info about tuna and mercury/pregnancy – it’s fine, especially light tuna) and BLTs! We had some leftover bacon from the weekend and I made myself a KILLER BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) for lunch on Monday. Plus some mayo and salt and pepper – it was amaaaaazing. I want another one right now!

Food aversions: Not having quite as many aversions as before, but still just not super excited about food (except sandwiches, fruit, smoothies, and dairy), especially in the evenings. It’s getting better, though… hoping it continues to improve!

Exercise: I’m still liking boot camps/strength work more than cardio, but keeping up a little bit of running (well, jog/walking) because I still enjoy it as social time with friends. 🙂

I just bought a belly support band thing that I saw my friend Janae write about, so I’m hoping that that will help with the uncomfortable belly bouncing situation while jogging! Right now without the band it’s starting to feel like trying to run without a sports bra, except your breasts are bouncing on your bladder… no bueno. I’m going to try it out tomorrow on a run date if it gets here in time, so stay tuned!

I’ve also been doing yoga once or twice a week (still modifying a bit with no deep twists and no stuff lying on my stomach, and trying not to be on my back for too long because it doesn’t feel good), although as I mentioned in a post earlier this week, my hamstrings in particular have been really sore after yoga lately so I’m wondering if I’m inadvertently stretching too deeply. I’m going to be more mindful of that, and I’m planning to switch to prenatal yoga in a few weeks once I do some research on classes near me (and use up a few classes I have left at studios).

Mood: Pretty stable and regular the past couple weeks – feeling like myself! No random meltdowns recently like I wrote about in my last update. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to our annual Outer Banks beach trip with Matt’s family in a couple weeks… that will be our last big trip of the year!

Maternity clothes: I’m obsessed with the summery cotton maternity dresses (and other clothing) by Liz Lange for Target – I basically have like 10 items of her stuff now in various colors because it’s so comfy! This maternity tie-waist dress by her is my current fave… I’ve been wearing it nonstop and have it in 2 colors.

The first photo in this post is also one of her dresses – the maternity tank dress. I also bought that in a couple different colors. Clearly I spent a lot of money at Target over the past couple weeks, ha.

I’m starting to move my old clothes into storage and only keeping maternity gear and looser regular clothing in the mix, because the belly is starting to get bigger! I still need to buy some new workout tights… haven’t gotten around to that yet. I’m planning to check out ThredUp to see what they have maternity-wise, too!

Reading: Nothing pregnancy-related right now… enjoying some “for fun” books instead. 🙂

Buying: Nothing baby-related recently besides the yard sale clothes I mentioned a couple weeks ago!

Thanks for reading and sharing in this special time with me! My next update will be 20 weeks… Matt and I are really excited for the big 20 week ultrasound!

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