Half Marathon Race Photos & A Brussels Sprouts Packed Lunch

Happy April Fools Day! Anyone have any good pranks planned? 🙂

No pranks from me today, but I will give you a good laugh by showing you my official race photos from the D.C. National Half Marathon last weekend! Actually, the official photos from this race weren’t all that bad — wayyy better than the death-like ones from my first half marathon, that’s for sure! Here’s one from the beginning of the race with the Washington Monument in the background — see me racing around the curve?

Apparently everyone wears blue to races. Mental note — wear bright orange or pink next time!

Here’s two slightly awkward close ups — no idea why I’m so excited in the second one, but the double chin look is pretty hot, if I do say so myself.

Here’s one of me finishing, except… you actually can’t even see me because that that dumb guy is completely blocking me, lol.

Ah, finally, some cute ones! Right after I finished I headed to their official photo area and got a few shots snapped with my medal — super cute!

Might actually buy one of those, we’ll see 🙂

If you ran the race (or another race recently), how did your photos come out?


Anyway! I have another delicious packed lunch to share with you all 🙂

The star was this HUGE salad full of greens from a farmers market some of my classmates organized and held at school earlier this week!

The greens are SO delicious — super crunchy and fresh and hearty. I added in some fresh spinach from the farmers market, too — it’s been awhile since I’ve had real spinach instead of just baby spinach! It was a nice change 🙂

I topped the salad with leftover Brussels sprouts:

Kidney beans:

And some avocado:

For a dressing, I whipped up a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, and salt and pepper:

I did about 2 parts lemon, 2 parts mustard, and 1 part olive oil, and then added some cracked sea salt and pepper to taste. I mixed it all in a little baggie and threw it into the top of the salad tupperware!

To go with lunch, I packed a serving of crackers and a laughing cow cheese wedge:

I love these Back to Nature crackers! They taste just like Triscuits 🙂

And I also threw in a kiwi and a clementine to end lunch with something sweet!

As for afternoon snacks (I spent all day on campus in the library studying biochem, boo), I packed a Chobani pineapple Greek yogurt:

And a Larabar!

Delish 🙂

I’m off to Biochem class and then spending the whole day in the library again — we have a biochem test on Monday morning, gah! I’ve decided I need to study in the library more often — I was SO productive yesterday not surrounded by all sorts of distractions like when I study here at home.

Have a great Friday — go play some April Fools pranks 🙂

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