28 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello, 28 weeks! I’ve officially made it to the 3rd trimester – home stretch, although I know I still have quite awhile to go. Check out my previous pregnancy posts first if you missed them:

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28 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby Size: About 2.5 pounds and the size of an eggplant! My baby bump tends to get bigger as the day goes on – and I feel like in the past couple weeks it’s really gotten more prominent!

Symptoms: Overall, I’m still feeling pretty good, just a bit slower. The cooler weather has helped a TON with not being so exhausted and worn out all the time though!

My lower back/hip pain has been better over the past few days – I’ve been focusing on standing more during the day vs. sitting, and on not walking around with a crazy heavy backpack all the time (thanks, Lyft). Those things seem to have helped. I started meeting with a prenatal PT as well, so she’s been working to massage out the tightness!I also got a boppy pregnancy pillow per your suggestions and I like it a lot more than the snoogle – much less massive and easier to flip sides!

Random other stuff: My nails are growing like weeds. I have some random sunspots on my face and hands that weren’t there before. On days when I walk a lot, especially if it’s really hot out, my feet get super swollen.

Currently Missing: Being able to comfortably tie my shoelaces. I know this will only get worse!

Sleep: This has been better lately, which helps a ton! We’re getting into a better routine with the dogs now and we also kicked Freyja out of our bedroom at night – she’s now sleeping down in the same room with Ashe’s crate. They seem to like being down there together, and we don’t miss the 4:30 a.m. whining and shaking/romping around. We still sometimes hear barking starting around 6:30/7, but at least I’m not having a huge stress adrenaline surge at 4:30 everyday anymore!

Cravings and favorite foods: Pizza and I are having a serious moment. Related is that pepperoni and I are also having a serious moment. I’ve always LOVED pepperoni – when I was a kid, there was a small deli in my grandparent’s town and when we visited I always got their pepperoni sub sandwich. It was literally just mass quantities of pepperoni on white bread with some shredded iceberg lettuce, and it was SO GOOD.

I’m having normal breakfasts and at lunch I’m still craving fresh salads and juicy fruit for the most part, but for dinner I’m definitely craving more simple comfort foods now, especially if I accidentally get too hungry. Sandwiches and I are also having another moment – tuna salad in particular has been back in action again after a month or so hiatus where I didn’t want it. Also, since it’s still warm out, ice cream! It has always been one of my favorite treats – that hasn’t changed. 🙂

Food aversions: Nothing too intense right now – some days I have a hard time with meat/protein still, and anything too saucy/seasoned, but for the most part no big aversions.

Exercise: I’m still getting in some sort of movement pretty much every day of the week, and sticking with my routine of a few classes (usually 1 to 2 strength boot camps and 1 yoga class) plus lots of walking, a swim once a week, and hiking. I definitely have to prioritize sleep or I don’t feel great in morning workouts, though. I also started going to a once per week prenatal pilates workshop – the second one is tonight! I figure it will be good to start doing more pregnancy specific targeted moves for strengthening and preparing for labor. My new maternity swimsuit just came, which will be nice for continuing to swim without stretching out my nice normal speedo!

In the boot camps, I’m modifying everything to be low impact at this point – so if the trainer tells us to do jumping lunges, I’ll do regular lunges, etc. I’m also modifying any moves that involve being on my stomach or back. It hasn’t been hard to modify, actually, which is good, and I’ve been careful to keep the intensity lower as well. Unless I haven’t gotten enough sleep, these workouts still feel good!

Mood: Feeling MUCH better than I was last update, and the one before it! I think part of it is the more substantial sleep I’ve been getting – that makes everything easier. I also have been feeling more motivated about work again – probably because I found myself a project (reorganizing and updating my recipe page and getting a new recipe plugin – plus potentially doing a small blog site redesign) to do that will keep me busy but won’t take so long that I’m still trying to work on it once the baby comes. I still don’t have any nesting/home organizing urges, though… I’m really hoping that kicks in soon because we need to get moving on the baby’s room!

Maternity clothes: Last week, I discovered I was wearing bras 3 cup sizes too small. Um, yeah. Oops! I went to Victoria’s Secret to get some new sports bras and regular bras and a woman measured me and I was like, “Excuse me?! That can’t be right!” No wonder I was exploding out of all my sports bras (and regular bras were just ill fitting)! $200 later and I have a few new sports bras as well as normal bras. In a couple months I’ll pick up some nursing bras, too!

Reading: Still working my way through Bringing Up Bebe! I got distracted by some “for fun” fiction reading… need to finish that! As a future girl mom, next I want to read “Cinderella Ate My Daughter” and “Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape” – I listened to a podcast interview with the author, Peggy Orenstein, and found it fascinating. I think both books will be interesting and useful for the future!

Baby Room Progress: Still working on getting Matt’s stuff transitioned downstairs to our former guest room! We made a lot of progress last weekend but the room is still a total disaster for now. The next step is to look at baby furniture and try to figure out what theme/vibe we are going for!

Excited about: The fact that we met our doula in person earlier this week! I interviewed a couple in the area before choosing one and I’m really happy with our choice. It’s not cheap, but I know that having her there at the birth as our support system will be a huge asset.

I’m also excited about going on a trip this weekend! Matt and I are headed to the mountains of Virginia, our favorite. We planned this trip AGES ago and I can’t believe it’s finally here… it will be nice to have a little getaway after not traveling for quite awhile! I’ll share some pictures on Instagram if you want to follow along. 🙂

Thank you for reading and sharing in this special time with us! My next update will be at 30 weeks. Until then!

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