Wedding: The Hair & Makeup!

On Saturday, I had my hair and makeup trial for our wedding! (If you’re new to the blog — I’m getting married to my fiancé Matt in October! Check out my wedding page for all our previous wedding planning-related updates, are here is our engagement story.)

This was definitely one of the most fun parts of wedding planning so far — up there with food tasting and wedding dress shopping. I brought my mom with me and we had a great time. The women had a bunch of my favorite country music playing while they worked and it felt like a fun hang out session! I brought the hair piece I mentioned buying at my dress fitting a week ago as well as my veil, so we could see how it looked with the hair. The idea is that when I take off the veil after the ceremony, I’ll put in the fun feather hair piece.

Our wedding venue set up the trial for us with a couple women contracted from a local salon that they use frequently. My mom and I loved both of them — very professional but also fun and laid back. Perfect! We got right down to work — the hair stylist put some rollers in my hair to give it some texture, and while the curls set, the makeup artist got started on my makeup.

I told her I wanted makeup that would look good in the photos, obviously, but that wouldn’t be too intense in person or leave me not looking like me. She was fully on board with this plan; I was instantly at ease and told her to do whatever she wanted!

I tried a fun type of foundation that’s put on with a little mini air brusher! This is supposed to be great for making it look really natural and blended in well. I was a fan — I didn’t look like a ghost, but my skin looked a lot more even.

Air brushing in action:

I also tried fake eyelashes, just for fun, since I never have before — but we decided we like my real eyelashes better. The fake ones just looked too intense in person on me, so we ended up taking them off. Oh, well — it was fun to try them!

Makeup done, I headed back over to the hair dresser! My mom also ended up having them test out some makeup on her while she was waiting, and it looked great!

First, out came the rollers — “Wow, your hair holds curls really well!” Haha, yeah.

Hello, curls!

Then we got started with the updo. I showed the hair dresser some photos from my Pinterest wedding board and told her I wanted something soft, fun, and romantic, with a lot of texture and cool twists.

She somehow immediately got what I was vaguely talking about and got to work! I took a couple Instagram action shots while she was working. 🙂

If you’re on Instagram, connect with me! My username is fANNEtasticfood.

And here’s an action shot of the back from my real camera — how fun are the braids?! I love that she included those. Great way to make the hair stay up easier without more bobby pins/hair spray, too!

And then — we were done! I hope you guys like it, too. 🙂

Here I am outside with better lighting. 🙂 I was torn between having the hair partially down at the end on the right side with some fun curls, but I think all up will be better for dancing and not fussing with it. Plus, the back of my wedding dress is pretty! We’ll see — maybe I’ll change my mind the day of!

It looked great with the veil, too. We tried the hair piece and are debating if we want to use it or not — the hair alone is so ornate it’s almost sad to cover some of it! I might buy one of the round ones I saw and see if that looks better than the straight one — we’ll see.

Either way, I loved both the hair and the makeup. Matt and I went out with friends on Saturday night after I had it done and it was fun to show it off. Can’t wait until I get it done for real in October! 🙂 Getting close now!

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